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akustik+ Finest

our stock programm akustik+ finest ® with the barely perceptible perforation 1,8/1,8/0,5mm designed specifically for sub contractors and joineries. The large sized panels are available in the following listed dimensions and surfaces from stock and quantity one pce (1). In addition, the panels can be produced to order up to a maximum length of 3,500 mm and in any laminated decors, real wood veneers or colored/painted finishes. In addition to other formats also the packaging and delivery of components is possible. You can choose between MDF, chipboard and acoustics + proofire® (A1) for core/substrate materials.

Fields of application

furniture components
partition wall
Product Characteristic Values

Weight: 7,30kg/m²
Standard format: 2800x1320x20
Density: 650,00kg/m³
Number of perforations [No. /m²]: 111.111
Open surface: 8,70%
Absorber class: C | B | A | A
αw: 0,95
SAA: 0,90
NRC: 0,90
Total construction height: 420mm
Cavity: 350mm
Attenuation: 50
Prüfberichtnummer: 14-337-02

Protection against fire

Fire classification: B | B-s1,d0 | A2-s1,d0
Type of fire classification: Verbundprüfung
Klassifizierungsbericht: 2011-B-3574/01
Institut: MPA Dresden

Emission class

Emissionsklasse: Inkl. WKI
Sub construction and assembly

For easy installation of the panels in system we have developed a special rail system made of galvanized steel. This consists of the following components:

Wall rail WL 21/48 and
Panel rail PL 16/48 (for installation with tongue) or
Panel rail PL 32/48 (for installation with back joints)

The suspension rails are supplied with a length of 4,000 mm. Both are optimally matched to the fastening areas of core panels elongated holes so-well in the horizontal and vertical alignment. Compared to other rails the akustik+ rail is achieved by the specific folding of the wall rail for an optimumg load destribution that is fixed plane to the panel and reduces the pressure resting on the screws.

The invisible fastening by hooking enables easy disassembly and is visually appealing than a direct screw. The panels can be removed quickly and easily, running behind the elements lines and tubes are easily accessible. In addition, the system allows a tension-free assembly of the elements and its subsequent adjustment. In principle, a stroke (20 mm) is necessary for all fixing methods by means of hooking to allow raising and lowering. The stroke remains visible as a shadow gap on the top of the wall.

The fastening system is load tested, the evidence may be consulted if necessary.

Joints versions

When using the system-related substructure we recommend two alternatives of the joint design that gives your wall paneling a very different apearance. With the use of tongues, the total view of the wall appears homogeneous, the overall impression is determined by the selected surface. By deciding for a distinctive back jointing, the panel structure is for additional design element.

The two types of installation are presented below, both as a constructive detail as well as in the wall design in a horizontal or vertical mounting.
akustik + classic Installation recommendation
akustik + classic Recommended installation detail