akustik+ Slimline

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akustik+ Slimline

The akustik+ slimline® has a great price -performance, easy installation and its timeless and modern linear design.

As a further alternative to wall or ceiling coverings of object-specific pre-fabricated elements, we have developed our ingenious plank: akustik+ slimline®. The endless system can be flexibly adapted to any room situation and offers a modern, linear optics. You can choose between perforated and slotted elements in various designs.

The planks are easy to use and almost intuitive to install. With a width of 192 mm, they are about 50% wider than currently in the market available other systems, thus greatly shortening the installation time. All offered perforation and slit images with outstanding sound-absorbing properties. The system requires minimal planning effort and can be offered at an optimum price / performance ratio.

Dimensions: 2784 x 192 x 16m

Fields of application

partition wall
Product Characteristic Values

Weight: 6,90kg/m²
Standard format: 2780x192x16
Density: 650,00kg/m³
Number of perforations [No. /m²]: 308.642
Open surface: 6,10%
Absorber class: B | A | A
αw: 0,95
SAA: 0,90
NRC: 0,90

Protection against fire

Fire classification: B | B-S1,d0 | A2-S1,d0
Type of fire classification: Verbundprüfung

Emission class

Emissionsklasse: Inkl. WKI
Sub construction and assembly

To install the akustik+slimline planks can as shown be resorted to traditional fastening systems, such as battens or cross-battens. The individual slats can either be shot by the groove with mounting brackets or to use the mounting clips shown here of special hardened steel.

The system is equally suitable for both wall and ceiling mount.

If for fire protection reasons a noncombustible substructure be necessary, commercial metal rails (e.g. from the dry wall building) can be used. The mounting clips are then secured with self-drilling screws.

The slimline planks can be mounted either in brickstone optic or without offset. By installation in brickstone optic a almost waste-free mounting is given.

We recommend, depending on the size of the wall or ceiling area small joints with a distance of 2 - 3 mm to allow the material to shrink and swell in the longitudinal direction (see also our installation and processing instructions).

Joints versions