FireProtection Board - Ceramics

The Burke CERAMIC wall protection creates a positive atmosphere of the interior architecture which offers flexibility, freedom and possibilities for the architects and designers. The ceramic-coated wall panels are an exceptional product for the highest demands and stresses. The CERAMIC finishing panels are currently a special product on the market that combines a great many properties.

This production techniques achieves a special a noble feel as well as a unique abrasion resistance. The exceptional longevity of the wall covering extend the renovation cycle to decades and thus eliminates the high maintenance costs. Burke CERAMIC surface coating is supplied individually bonded to a cellulose-reinforced fibre cement board or gypsum and cellulose fibres, including a neutral backing and protective top layer.

The high-quality Burke CERAMIC products are mainly used as wall and ceiling cladding as well as for furniture construction. Burke FireProtection Board panels fulfil the fire protection requirements A2, s1, d0 according to DIN EN13501-1.

Construction of Panel

  1. Protective layer
  2. EuroDeco Ceramic
  3. Substrate/Core
  4. Backing Layer

Core Materials:
Gypsum Fiber 1100kg/m3: 12.5mm, 19mm, 22mm
Gypsum Fiber 1500kg/m3: 12.5mm, 19mm, 22mm
Cement Fiber 640kg/m3: 16mm, 19mm
Cement Fiber 1250kg/m3: 11mm
Cement Fiber 1900kg/m3: 4mm, 7mm, 9mm, 12.5mm

2530 x 1270 mm (Cement Fiber 1900kg/m3)
3070 x 1270mm (Cement Fiber 1900kg/m3)
3000 x 1250mm (Cement Fiber 1250kg/m3)
2500 x 1200mm (Cement Fiber 640kg/m3)
2560 x 1260mm (Gypsum Fiber 1100, 1500kg/m3)
3100 x 1260mm (Gypsum Fiber 1100, 1500kg/m3)

Areas of Application
  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Hotels
  • Clean Rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Swimming Pools
  • Sanitary Areas
  • Retirement & Nursing homes
  • Commerce
  • Industry
  • Educational Establishments
  • Sport Halls
  • Ship Interior
  • Public Buildings
  • Interior Fit Out
  • Sophisticated Private Homes

Painted Surfaces

Veneered Surfaces

All Micro Laminated surfaces can be Digital Printed

FireProtection Board – Ceramics