FireProtection Board - Real Wood Veneer

Fire Protection composite panels with real wood veneer. This wall protection creates a noble atmosphere for interior design. Architects and designers are given a new scope and possibilities for their high and creative demands for real wood subject. A sophisticated appearance creates long-term values. The Burke FireProtection Board panels fulfil the fire protection requirements A2, s1, d0 according to AIN EN13501-1.

Construction of Panel

  1. Burke FireProtection Board
    Real Wood Veneer
  2. Substrate/Core
  3. Backing layer

Core Materials:
Gypsum Fiber 1100kg/m3: 12.5mm, 19mm, 22mm
Gypsum Fiber 1500kg/m3: 12.5mm, 19mm, 22mm

2600 x 1250mm
3000 x 1250mm
Areas of Application
  • Wall Cladding
  • Ceiling cladding
  • Partition Walls
  • Furniture Cladding

Veneered Surfaces

FireProtection Board – Real Wood Veneer