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EcoSound 20-4

EcoSound 20-4

A = 20mm

B = 4mm

C = 24mm

Product Description

The natural, very low-emission EcoSound wall and ceiling panel ensures a relaxing indoor climate. The real wood materials used and the absorber made of natural wood fibre significantly reduce the reverberation time, which leads to stress reduction and well-being.

Special environments, such as school classrooms, kindergartens and day-care centres, usually have a very high noise level. Here, our EcoSound ensures a significant noise reduction. The resulting improvement in the ambient climate is good for wellbeing and thus has a positive effect on health.

The panels can be laid over the entire surface and seamlessly across the width with a tongue and groove joint.

EcoSound can be used in a variety of ways as acoustic ceiling baffles or inserts in grid ceilings. If you introduce EcoSound in the planning phase, the best room acoustics are guaranteed.

A wide range of variants is possible thanks to the various groove and strip arrangements, as well as different drilling patterns and diameters. All have excellent broadband absorber values. Please contact us for more possibilities.

2940×624 mm (circumferential groove for external tongue)
2940×192 mm (with tongue and groove on long side)
Fire Behaviour
  • Normal flammability
  • Fire protection lacquer on surface
Surfaces Finishes


  • Solid wood single ply panel
  • Fir/spruce, finger-jointed.
  • Veneered plywood
InstallationDirectly through slot and cross battens with small-head screws to the substructure or shot with staples. (width 624 mm)
Fastened with stainless steel clips in tongue and groove (width 192 mm)

Top layer: solid wood single ply panel. Fir/spruce, visibly finger-jointed, Vivid assortment, various wood colours and wood grains

Middle layer: Solid wood slats withinlaid wood fibre absorber (>70 %)

Back layer: solid wood longitudinal slats


Datasheets (pdf)

Specifications (pdf)

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