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Solo Sound PET

SoloSound PET
Product descriptionThis acoustic range comes with a PET felt backing layer which provides for an excellent acoustic performance. The acoustic Performance specially in the low frequency range (human speaking range is very high absorbing). The timber laths come on a veneered MDF and can be made to suit bespoke dimensions and specific requirements.
DimensionsVeneered Black Colored MDF 12,16 or 18mm
Slat width: 24mm on 12mm Gap Between Slats
Slat thickness: 13, 17 or 19mm
Core materialsPET Felt (Polyethylene most from recycled materials like bottles), various colors are possible.
Fire behaviour

D-s3,d2 (Normal Flammability)

SurfacesReal Wood Veneer,
HPL/CPL Laminates,
Lacquered RAL/NCS
InstallationUnvisible : Black colored screw heads direct into felt and rear frame
Visible: direct through slats and back frame


Datasheets (pdf)

Specifications (pdf)

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