Visible Sound Absorption


The ProSound product line offers high performing sound absorption capabilities through a multitude of different sized holes.  This panel system can be used on both wall and ceiling applications.  The range is available with varying perforated surfaces such as 1.5mm holes or 8mm holes.  The functionality of this product allows for various sheet size finishes to allow flexibility for the end user. This product is available in a range of real wood veneers, Melamine, CPL/HPL laminates and paint finishes.

Fire Resistance Class:

  • Wood based cores from normal flammability (D-s3,d2 to B-s1,d0)

  •  A2 core materials (Gypsum Fiber) A2-s1,d0

Core Board:

  • Regular MDF
  • Fire Rated MDF,
  • Gypsum fibre board

Available in the following configurations:

ProSound 4-4-1,5

ProSound 8-8-1,5

ProSound 8-8-3

ProSound 8-8-4

ProSound 16-16-3

Available in the following configurations:

ProSound 16-16-5

ProSound 16-16-6

ProSound 16-16-8

ProSound 32-32-6OS