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MicroSound 0.5

MicroSound 0.5

A = 1.8mm Hole Spacing ctr/ctr (staggered)

B = 0.5mm Perforation

Product Description

This innovative product line merges the most up-to-date design aesthetic with high performing sound absorption capabilities. This panel system can be used on both wall and ceiling applications. The three-part layered technology provides ultimate sound absorption varying with different perforation sizes.


600 x 600mm / 2400 x 1200mm / 2760 x 1200mm

3000mm x 1200mm

Core Materials
  • MDF / MDF Fire Rated
  • Plywood
  • Gypsum Fibre Board
Fire Behaviour
  • D-S3,d2 (normal flammability)
  • B-s1,d0 (Veneer, lacquer)
  • B-s2,d0 (laminate)
  • A2-s1,d0 (core material only)
  • Veneer
  • Lacquer
  • Open Surface: 6,1%
InstallationHanging system rails with different wall spacings; see page 36-41 Installation.


Datasheets (pdf)

Specifications (pdf)

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