Burke Acoustics

MicroSound 1

A = 1mm Perforation

B = 3mm Hole Spacing ctr/ctr (parallel)

Product description

An almost invisible perforation preserves the beauty of the of the wood structures.

Due to a very high degree of absorption you need fewer acoustic panels with the same sound absorption.

Standard panels are significantly cheaper and allow individual cutting by the fabricator.

Dimensions Standard: 3050×1220 mm/ 192 mm 2440×1220 mm/ 192 mm (without edging)
Max. dimensions with edging 3000×1200 mm
Core materials MDF
Gypsum fibre
Multiplex/ Plywood
Fire behaviour Normal flammability
Flame retardant (Bs1d0, Bs2d0)
Non-combustible (A2s1d0) (only core)
Surfaces Real wood veneer, UV lacquered
HPL/CPL laminates
Lacquered RAL/NCS
Installation hanging system rails with different wall spacings; see page 36-41 Installation.


Datasheets (pdf)

Specifications (pdf)

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