Burke Acoustics

SoloSound WOOD

SoloSound PET

A = 12mm

B = 24mm

C = 36mm

Product Description

The SoloSound panels captivate with their modern and timeless lines. The black core material helps to realise the colour of the surfaces. The PET version has a very high absorber value NRC 0.90, whereas the WOOD version has excellent absorber values (200-315Hz = NRC 0,85), especially in the low-frequency range.

Both versions can be installed quickly and easily.

2440×600 mm
Support Plate
  • MDF black
  • PET felt black other colours possible
Fire Behaviour
  • Normal flammability
  • Flame retardant (Bs1d0, Bs2d0)
  • Veneered MDF slats, lacquered
  • Real wood slats, lacquered

PET: fixed directly through PET felt with blackened screw heads

WOOD: By hanging rails, see page 36-41 Installation


Datasheets (pdf)

Specifications (pdf)

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